Using the BitCoin Faucets

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I’ve been interested in BitCoin only a short while and so I’m not an expert in the field of Crypto-currency. All I know is the World seems crazy about this thing. I’m assuming that you already do know full well what this is and what a faucet is? Why they’re out there and so on.

I’m providing you all an opportunity to join my down lines as an affiliate, there’s money to earn and I don’t see why we can’t benefit from it? We’d be insane not to. There’s no trickery involved here, you join the suggested sites as  my referral, I get commissions for each sign up and in turn I’m choosing to pass on some of that to you, the amounts payable are going vary but you can expect to see 10% of any kind of commission I’m going to get, all you need to do it is the right bitcoin address to receive the payments. The only criteria is that you join the sites and actively take part to ensure rewards are getting generated properly.  No work = no pay. You must make at least one claim each day.

The main thing to keep in mind in this venture is “patience” because you’re not going to get £30,000 over night. Really if you want to try this idea for yourself feel free to copy it and see where you get to? Like I said no tricks or scams going on.  Use a site like CoinBase to get a wallet and some of the faucets require an account at FaucetHub.  Use the links below and the get going, when you’re set up email so I know to check each of the sites   Claim free BitCoin and  1 tickets to a weekly lottery for more free Btc withdraw to your wallet minimum Btc 0.00030000   More than one faucet and different type of  coins for free, offer walls and games. NB requires FaucetHub for payments
BonusBitCo   Free Btc  every 15 minutes and withdrawals to your wallet after 10’000 Satioshi reached  + DogeCoin  Claim free Btc and Doge every 15 minutes and payments to your FaucetHub after 10’000 Satioshi reached  Free Btc every 5 minutes and withdrawals to your FaucetHub every 20 minutes  A different type of BitCoin and will need a different wallet for payments in BlackCoin. Claim every 60 minutes
Remember to send an email to when you’re set up