This Simple Neobux Strategy is Earning Me $20 per Day

One such comment made me think again about Neobux. A simple strategy earned me $230 in 20 days which is much more than what I earned in last 1 year.

You can read my Neobux review and check that I earned only $0.9 after 8 months of joining and you can see my latest income below where I earned $231 in last 20 days.



So why that big difference in earning?

After receiving one of the comment from one of the user who was making $100 daily from Neobux, I started doing the research based on his rented referral strategy and applied it with my account and the result is $231 in just 20 days.

And I am expecting at least $30 or even $40 per day within next 2 months.

But don’t expect the same result with your account as my account is more than 2 years old & I am a golden member.

And if you have joined  as new standard user in Neobux, you can make at least $20 per day using this strategy in next 6-8 months time. And as your account becomes older, you can expect much more. If you have not joined Neobux yet, then just signup from this link.

Now you must be very curious to know about this Neobux Strategy.

How can a standard member can earn $10 per day in next 6-8 months and that too by working just 10 minutes a day?

Neobux Strategy to Earn $20 per Day

As you know Neobux pays you $0.001 for one single click. You might be thinking how I am going to make $600 per month if single click fetches just 1/1000 of a dollar.

Well! I will just ask you to hold your breath for now and keep reading this article. Once you have read the complete article you will get an idea how you are going to make $600 a month.

A Word Before You Start Working With Neobux

I assume you are a beginner and have little or no experience with PTC sites. But I do believe that you have clicked on ads earlier and made few pennies by doing so.

You can see this video where I am showing how to view Neobux ads. You can also my earning of $230 in last 20 days & how Neobux sent my income immediately in my payza account after making a cash request.

I am going to be honest here. PTC jobs are not going to make you rich overnight. It is going to take a lot of time to make even first $1. So you have to be very patient here.

However you can definitely make up to $100 per day if you follow the right strategy.

So if you are ready to invest at least next 6 to 8 months then continue reading the article. Otherwise no use reading rest of the article.

How to Start from $0?

I assume you have no money.

You can just sign up with Neobux creating your username and password. You will become standard member as it is free to join.

A standard member is given around 24 ads to click each day. 24 ads is the upper limit. It means you are not going to get more than 24 ads in a day being a standard member.

For clicking each ad you get $0.001. In one day you make 24 X $0.001 = $.024 only. You can’t make more than $.024 in a day.

Next day you will get another 24 ads to click. Second day you make another $.024 clicks on those ads. Likewise you continue to earn $0.024 each day for coming days.

Right now you might be thinking what are going to do with $.024 per day. If you calculate then it is going to take 42 days to earn your first $1.

$1 in 42 days! You might get disappointed.

Well do not lose your heart because this is where we are going to pull a rabbit out of our hat.


The rabbit is called referrals.

You can’t make $600 per month without referrals. Forget about making $20 per day you can’t make even $1 in a month as you have already seen my $0.9 as my 8 months earning.

So what are referrals?

Referrals are nothing but other people just like you who also want to make money with Neobux. They will be your referrals who are going to click on your behalf and you will earn money whenever they click ads.

The more the referrals you have more the money you make. Therefore you have to acquire more referrals each day.

So how are you going to get these referrals?

Before we answer this question you need to know there are two different types of referrals in Neobux. Direct and Rented!

What are Direct Referrals?

Direct referrals are the referrals which you are going to get on your own. I have explained here 40 different ways to get direct referrals for any PTC site including Neobux.

But until and unless you are an expert, you can’t get more than few dozens or 1-2 hundreds referrals. Therefore in this article we are not concerned with direct referrals.

So just forget about it.

We are going to talk about a system that Neobux has given us and any standard member in Neobux can use this system to get hundreds or thousands of referrals and that is called rented referrals.

What are Rented Referrals?

Rented referrals are provided by Neobux itself. They are not free and if you are going to make $600+ a month by any chance then you have to buy/rent rented referrals.

One referral can be rented for $0.20 for 30 days. You have to renew each referral after 30 days.

Rented referral is a vast subject. So I am going to keep it simple for the beginners here. However in next article we talk about them in great details.

For now you just rent referrals from Neobux.

Neobux offers them in pack.

No. of Referrals Price per Month
3 $0.6
5 $1
10 $2
15 $3
20 $4
25 $5
30 $6
40 $8
50 $10
60 $12
70 $14
80 $16
90 $18
100 $20

Strategy for Reaching $6 Per Day from $0

You might be wondering how you are going to buy these packs because I promised you starting with $0. Well I am going to keep my promise and ready to tell you how you can start from $0 and reach up to $6 per day.

As I mentioned earlier you will be paid $0.001 per click for 24 ads daily. Keep clicking all the 24 ads daily until you reach $0.6 so that you can buy pack of 3 rented referrals.

It will take 25 days to reach $0.6.

24 (ads) X $0.001 X 25 = $0.6

You just bought your first 3 Rented Referrals for $0.6 after 25 days. Congratulations! You did not spend any money from your pocket.

Before we move forward I want to ask how much time does it take to click and see 24 ads daily? Not even 10 minutes! So please do it.

Each one of your rented referrals gets to click 4 orange ads and each ad fetches $0.005.

So now you make

Step 1: 3 (Rented Referrals) X 4 (ads) X $0.005 (each click) = $0.06 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days so it reaches 10 X $0.06 = $.6

Just see the difference. You made first $0.6 in 25 days without rented referrals and with rented referrals you made same amount ($0.6) in just 10 days.

Next is buying another 3 rented referrals with $0.6. Now you have 6 (3+3) rented referrals (RR).

Step 2: 6 (RR) X 4 X $0.005 = $0.12 per day

Waiting Period: 5 Days so it reaches 5 X $0.12 = $0.6

See the difference. Now you made $0.6 in just 5 days instead of 10 days.

Now buy another 3 RR with $0.6. Your RR is 9 (3+3+3).

Step 3: 9 (RR) X 4 X $0.005 = $0.18 per day

Waiting Period: This time 13 days, 13 X $0.18 = $2.34

Buy 10 RRs for $2 ($0.34 is in balance). RR = 9 + 10 = 19

Step 4: 19 X 4 X $0.005 = $0.38 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days, 10 X $0.38 = $3.8

$3.8 + $0.34(balance) = $4.14

Buy another 20 RR for $4 ($.14 is in balance). RR = 19 + 20 = 39

Step 5: 39 X 4 X $0.005 = $0.78 per day

Waiting Period: Another 10 days, 10 X $0.78 = $7.8

$7.8 + $.14 (balance) = $7.94

Buy another 30 RR for $6 ($1.94 in balance). RR = 39 + 30 = 69

Step 6: 69 X 4 X $.005 = $1.38 per day

Waiting Period: Another 10 days, 10 X $1.38 = $13.8

$13.8 + $1.94 (balance) = $15.74

Buy another 70 RR for $14 ($1.74 in balance), RR = 69 + 70 = 139

Step 7: 139 X $.005 X 4 = $2.78 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days, 10 X $2.78 = $27.8

$27.8 + $1.74 (balance) = $29.54

Buy another 140 RRs for $28 ($1.54 in balance), RR = 139 + 140 = 279

Step 8: 279 X 4 X $.005 = $5.58 per day

Waiting Period: This time 16 days, 16 X $5.58 = $89.28

$89.28 + $1.54 (balance) = $90.82

Finally you have 279 rented referrals and you are making $5.58 per day. You can buy another 21 referrals and make it up to 300 referrals.

A standard member can have only up to 300 referrals and no more.

So a Standard Member with 300 (RRs) X 4 X0 .005 = $6 per day

Which means 30 X $6 = $180 Per Month

Let us look at this table to know how many days it took to reach 300 rented referrals and earning $6 per day.

rented referral chart

So according to this table it will take around 4 months to reach 300 referrals fetching you around $6 every day.

Now you will get an idea how you are going to earn $180 per month starting with $0 dollar.

You did not have to spend any money. However what you must have is patience and just 10 minutes in a day.


I just want to cautious you that not all rented referrals click on ads. You will be disappointed to know that only 50% of the referrals will click ads and remaining will sit idle.

In fact it will take more than 300 referrals to earn $6 per day. You will need at least 600 referrals if you want to earn $6 a day.

In reality with 300 referrals you earn only $3 per day or just $90 per month. Moreover time period can also be more than 4 months to reach $90.

Keep on checking MoneyConnexion as I am writing another post where you will learn how to optimize your strategy to make most out of the Gold and Ultimate membership.

So you might ask is $6 per day strategy and above table deceptive?

No it is not! They are real. I can give an explanation for this. It gives you an idea how you are going to proceed step by step when it comes to making money with PTC sites like Neobux.

You prepare yourself mentally for a long overhaul. You need a lot of patience to earn first $0.6 in 25 days. It will take 6 to 7 months or even more to reach $6 per month.

So go through the strategy again and prepare yourself mentally for a long battle.

Now the Final Neobux Strategy to Earn $20+ per Day

As you know standard member is free and you can’t have more than 300 referrals. Moreover commission per click is only $0.005.

So if you want to have more referrals and double your commission then you have to move on to Golden membership that costs $90. Golden membership can have 2000 rented referrals and commission per click is $0.01, just double compared to standard account.

You can make a cash request of small amount say $5 or $10 to see the payment proof yourself & to keep you motivated. But the ultimate $20 per day income will come only after buying a gold membership of $90.

So do not cashout your account frequently and and use your account balance to buy golden membership.

$20 per day or even more is easily possible with Golden membership. You can even make $1200 per month if you have 2000 rented referrals.

And my result is proof of this. You can see above video & check this strategy to work. Also check how fast is Neobux in sending my earnings to my Payza account.